Insurance Services

Reliable Packers Movers understands that in spite of the fact that our company is very well known in the field of relocation, but every moving experience is unique in its own manner. There is always an incessant fear in the minds of the customers as to “what would happen to our goods in case they are not able to make it to their allocated destination safely?” and also “How much damage would be done to my expensive Chinaware dinner set?” These are some of the concerns that keep bothering the customers even though they know that we are capable of handling the goods very effectively and also there would be safety in the transit of goods. After having understood the human psyche with all the fears and apprehensions that engulf them, our company offers insurance coverage on the accidental mishaps that can hamper the integrity of the goods. We understand that though we offer a lot of surety to the people safeguarding their goods but there are some unwanted and unpredictable things that can happen; like accidents, fires, and disruptions due to thefts. Now this is not in our hands and it is not as if we could foretell the happening of such events. But in fact something like this can happen to anyone and anywhere. Therefore in order to avoid any kind of undue tensions in the minds of people we provide for insurance coverage to all the goods that are being transported from one location to another. This ensures that the pressure is taken out of the minds of people in terms of your apprehensions; so that you are able to concentrate on other important aspects pertaining to relocation. Our company offers two kinds of risk management coverage:


Transit Coverage: Also known as Transit insurance this kind of insurance facility costs 1.5%. However the underlying factor in this kind of coverage is that this only pertains to the condition of accidental mishaps only. In case there are no calamities pertaining to accidents then you forego the right to get your insurance claims.


Comprehensive Coverage: This pertains to taking 3% of the total amount of goods and it provides a blanket covering to all kinds of damages to goods.

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